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Darby and our Nursery

Darby is three years old. He started coming to our Early Intervention classes in June 2016 just a couple of days after he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and he joined our nursery class in September 2017.

He comes to nursery twice a week and we’ve been helping him with his mobility, communication, social and toileting skills.

To begin with, he could only crawl or bunny-hop on the floor. He was very shy and knew only a couple of words. He needed help and support with everything.

Through our Conductive Education approach, using repetition and rhythm as gentle prompts to remind him how to position his arms and legs, Darby has learnt how to stand upright and use a walker. He can now get to where he wants to go quickly and independently.

Along with this mobility, he’s much more confident. He’s enjoyed taking part in all the classroom activities, he knows how to share and take turns with his classmates and he enjoys singing – his favourite is our days of the week song to the tune of the Addams Family!

We’ve taught him how to use a sentence strip (a talking switch communication aid) to both prompt his memory and help him learn new words. Now, instead of repeating what people say to him, he uses his own words and is very chatty and loves telling his teachers about his family outings.

Darby’s significant progress has opened up a whole new world for him to explore, and we’re delighted that he’ll be starting at a mainstream school soon with his twin sister.