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January 2019: Please note that we are currently not undertaking assessments for children to join Woodstar School or nursery. You can, however,  request an assessment for our Early Intervention and Sessional Services.


Our school admissions process: 

Step 1:  Visit Woodstar School

We invite prospective parents to come with their child for an informal visit so that you can meet us and see around the school.

If you are interested in a place, we will then arrange a date with you to bring your child in for a free multi-disciplinary assessment.

In order to ensure the assessment is as thorough as possible, we will ask you to bring in up-to-date reports from any professionals who work with your child, e.g. educational psychologist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, visual advisory teacher and any nursery or school reports.

Step 3:  Assessing your child’s needs

We will conduct a multi-disciplinary assessment to see whether your child would benefit from our curriculum and support. During the assessment we will look at the child’s gross and fine motor skills and abilities, cognitive functioning, communication skills and functional daily living skills.  We will also identify the child’s learning needs in terms of their sensory needs such as vision and hearing. We usually hold assessments on Monday mornings.

Step 4:  Offer

If we feel we can meet your child’s needs and a place is available, we will offer your child a place.  You can find further information in our Admissions Policy.


Our fees and support with funding a place

Most of our pupils receive funding from the Local Authority through an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan. Some pupils attend on a private paying basis. We can offer advice and signposting on sources of funding and can support parents through the EHC Plan process.


Dual placements

We offer full-time places and dual placements with other special or mainstream schools. We can discuss this option with you at the assessment.