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Sarah* describes what happens on Tuesdays at Woodstar School


I want to tell you about my school. I’ve been going to Woodstar School for three years and my favourite day is Tuesday when we go shopping.

After we have the Good Morning session we decide what we want to make in the afternoon. Our teacher gives us a choice of two or three things to cook and we vote for the one we want. We are learning to use the laptops to find the recipe on the internet. Some of my friends need a touchscreen or use switch access as they can’t use a keyboard.

My target is to make a shopping list from the recipe. I have to count how many things I need, write out the measurements and list the ingredients. We then need to decide where to go shopping from a choice of photographs of the local shops.

We help each other to go out, finding our coats and bags and helping to put them on. When we go to the shops Adam rides his bike with stabilisers and Becky drives her electric wheelchair but I walk by myself.

We need to be really careful as we walk by the road and have to cross some roads at the zebra crossings. I look out for good places for my friend in her wheelchair to cross the pavement.

We are getting good at knowing where some of our local shops are. My favourite is The Spice Shop and the man in there is really nice, he helps us find something if we can’t see it on the shelves. He is really patient when we are paying and counting our money and he has even said we should get a debit card! I am learning how to choose the best vegetables for our cooking.

Becky is learning to ask the shop keeper questions using her communication aid. Some of us can carry the shopping bags but sometimes the staff have to help.

When we get back we take the shopping into the kitchen and put it away, just like when we put our lunch away in the kitchen when we arrive at school. We are all quite hungry by then, so it’s good that we have lunch when we get back to school. After playtime we go back to the kitchen and now we get ready for cooking.

One of my targets is to learn to measure the ingredients. Ben is learning to use a switch to use the blender or microwave. We all try to follow the recipe; this can be hard sometimes so I have to ask for help. We have to be careful in the kitchen too: I know I shouldn’t touch the oven when it’s on because it is hot and I can’t use the really sharp knives by myself.

When we’ve finished cooking we need to wash up and put things away. I’ve learned to do the washing up by myself and I’m careful with the hot tap.

We try to choose to make quick things so when it is made or cooked we can eat it before going home; I like this bit the best!


* Names have been changed.