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A fun and supportive start to school life

Our nursery class at Woodstar School is for children aged 3-5 who have movement disorders due to conditions such as cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, global development delay or Down’s Syndrome.

Please note: this is a school nursery class, not a nursery or crèche for babies. Therefore, we don’t offer 15/30 free hours a week.


How we teach

We teach our Active Education Curriculum in both our nursery class and primary school, which is designed to help each child:

  • learn everyday practical skills (e.g. eating, dressing, toileting) which will help them be as independent as possible throughout their life
  • develop an enquiring personality with problem-solving skills
  • gain the confidence and independence to make decisions affecting aspects of their life
  • develop communication skills, using whatever methods best suit them
  • build relationships and the ability to connect with other children and adults.

The Active Education Curriculum uses the principles of Conductive Education and incorporates:

  • all seven learning areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design)
  • intensive movement and motor skills programmes as part of the Conductive Education ethos
  • a range of integrated therapiesmusic therapy, speech and language therapy and Rebound therapy, provided daily or weekly depending on your child’s needs

We encourage each child to take an active part in their learning, with lots of opportunities every day for physical activity.


Meeting your child’s needs

Each child who comes to Woodstar School has individual abilities and challenges. Therefore, our nursery team adapts the curriculum carefully for each pupil so that each one can enjoy and get the most out of the lessons and other activities.

We set targets for each child and carry out regular reviews to make sure we can continue to meet their needs. We keep in touch with parents on a weekly basis.



We offer full-time (4 mornings a week) or part-time places, depending on the child’s needs. Some children come on dual placements with another nursery.


Moving up to our primary school

We very much hope that your child will stay with us for the whole of their primary education. When your child is approaching primary school age we will meet with you to discuss whether our primary school best meets their needs.




Places are funded either fully by the parent or by the child’s Local Authority. Please contact us for more information.


How to apply for a place

If you are interested in a place at our nursery class for your child, we first ask you to come with your child for a multi-disciplinary assessment. This helps us see with you if our nursery will best meet their needs. Please fill in this form to request an assessment.

Please see our Admissions Policy and read about our admissions process.