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Free Mollii Suit assessments* for adults and children on Mollii Mondays


What is a Mollii Suit?

Developed by a chiropractor and researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden the Mollii Suit is a breakthrough in relieving spasticity and improving muscle control. The suit stimulates muscles which are underactive or have low tone, and relaxes spasticity in muscle groups. This leads to greater strength and flexibility, and can also help relieve chronic pain.


Who is it suitable for?

The Mollii Suit is suitable for adults and children with a variety of neurological conditions, including cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, stroke or multiple sclerosis. Please note: If you have a shunt or a metallic implant e.g. a pacemaker, you may not be able to wear a Mollii Suit. Please do get in touch with us with any specific medical questions.


How does it help?

With regular use the Mollii Suit can help a person gain more independence in daily life, by:

  • improving the range of movements in arms and legs
  • improving fine motor control, such as better hand control
  • helping them learn new movement patterns so they can execute movements correctly
  • helping with chronic pain.


See how Savannah has benefited from her Mollii suit, which was very kindly funded by Variety, the Children’s Charity.

How does the Mollii Suit work?

The suit consists of a jacket and trousers made of ordinary lightweight swimsuit material.

It has conductive elastic sewn into it with electrodes located at the major muscles. A completely painless electro-stimulation is conducted via silver wires to 58 electrodes on the inside of the garment. These target muscle groups and prompt natural reflexes which relieve muscle tension and help build control of low muscle tone.




What happens in the assessment?

The assessment lasts approximately two hours. We first assess the person’s mobility without wearing the suit to establish a baseline for their range of movement, control and strength. Based on this, we programme the control unit for the Mollii Suit to meet the person’s individual needs so they get stimulation to the right muscle groups.

After wearing the suit for an hour, the person gets dressed and we assess any change in their range and control of movement. If, after the assessment, you would like to buy a Mollii Suit, we will then explain how to do this through the UK distributors, Remotion Ltd.


How to use a Mollii Suit

The suit is set up for each person’s individual needs and programmed into the suit’s control panel. It can be worn indoors at home, at a gym or a clinic. It has no negative side effects and can be used together with other treatments.

Typically, the user would wear the suit for an hour every other day and can go about their daily routine while wearing it.  For best effect, we recommend that the Mollii Suit is used alongside Conductive Education or other therapeutic programmes.


Is the assessment free?

* We offer your first assessment free of charge if you don’t already own a Mollii Suit. We include a free follow-up assessment if you then buy the suit after your assessment with us.

We charge a fee for any other assessments.