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We offer occupational therapy (OT) assessments and sessions to help children participate as fully as possible in everyday family and school life. 

Where appropriate to meet the child’s needs, we may also offer sensory integration therapy 


How can occupational therapy help my child?

Occupational therapy is all about improving a person’s ability to manage everyday tasks if they are having difficulties. This could be help with ways to get about and with feeding, toileting, dressing and self-care.

An occupational therapist can offer alternative ways of doing things and/or recommend equipment or adaptations that can help.


Who is this service for?

Our occupational therapy assessments and sessions are suitable for children aged 0-18 who have any of the following conditions:

  • cerebral palsy
  • acquired brain injury
  • global development delay
  • dyspraxia
  • learning difficulties, e.g difficulties with attention or keeping focussed
  • sensory processing disorder
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.


Assessing how best to help your child

We offer two types of service:

A) An Assessment and OT Diagnosis of your child’s OT needs with a Full Report

You will be able to use this for an Education Health and Care Plan or when discussing your child’s needs with schools, local authorities or other professionals involved with their development

We invite you to bring your child to an OT assessment at our Centre. The assessment will take place over four sessions.

Our occupational therapist will:

  • ask you about your child’s fine motor skills, balance, visual, cognitive and sensory abilities and needs
  • assess the child doing various movements and specific therapist-led activities
  • observe how they do them and what presents difficulties
  • report her observations and findings into a comprehensive report (7+ pages) with a detailed description of the child’s abilities and needs, including recommendations, programmes and, where appropriate, a tailored sensory diet (a routine of physical activities to use at home to help your child’s sensory processing).

This service costs £550, payable in advance.


B) An Assessment of your child’s OT needs and a Summary Report, with the offer of occupational therapy sessions

Our occupational therapist will conduct an assessment to identify your child’s abilities and occupational therapy needs. She will do this over two 1-hour sessions at our Centre.

She will use standardised assessments including a parental questionnaire and observation to provide a summary report (5-6 pages). You’ll be able to use this report when talking to schools or health professionals about suitable occupational therapy input for your child.

This service costs £250, payable in advance.


Occupational therapy sessions

We can then offer you ongoing one-to-one OT sessions with your child once a week at our Centre.  If your child requires it, we will provide sensory integration therapy as part of the session.


What happens at the sessions?

During the session, our occupational therapist will engage your child in actitivities, which will support their development both at home and school. She may use structured games, toys and OT equipment tailored to meet your child’s needs and help them increase their potential and independence.

She will also show you how you can support your child’s skills at home. This could be help with:

  • fine motor skills needed for tasks like tying shoe laces, fastening buttons, using cutlery
  • gross motor skills so they can coordinate their arms or legs to help with sitting or standing.


Cost of OT sessions

We offer an initial block of six 1-hour sessions. The sessions cost £60 per session (i.e. £360 for the block), payable in advance.