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  • Has your child missed some development milestones?
  • Do they find it difficult to say particular words – or not use any?
  • Do you or other people find it difficult to understand your child?
  • Does your child get frustrated making themselves understood?
  • Do they find it hard to play or interact with other children?

If you identify with any of the above, then our Speech and Language Therapy service is for you.


A Total Communication approach

Here at CPotential we believe that everyone has the potential to communicate. We use a total communication approach, which means:

  • we acknowledge and nurture each child’s attempts at communication, no matter what form they take
  • we build on these with the methods that best suit the child
  • if a child needs help understanding language, we’ll supplement this with visual or contextual cues.


How we work

We offer a fun, flexible approach using evidence-based approaches that empower your child and you as their communication partner.

We aim to develop each child’s ability to communicate whether they use body movements, vocalisations, speech, sign language, low tech aids such as objects of reference and communication books, or high tech communication aids such as switches and eye gaze technology.

We also have a multi-sensory room, a range of high-tech equipment such as Soundbeam and Eye Gaze technology and, depending on your child’s communication needs, can work with other clinical professionals.




Total Communication in action 

Names of the children have been changed