50% off LEGO Therapy for August

1 August 2022

Girl building in LEGO Therapy

We would like to announce a special discount of 50% off LEGO Therapy over the following dates in August:

  • 8th August to 12th August
  • 15th August to 19th August

What is LEGO Therapy?

LEGO Therapy is an evidence-based intervention supporting language and communication development and many aspects of social skills using LEGO activities.

It was first developed in the mid-1990s by US paediatric neuropsychologist Daniel LeGoff, and can benefit children and adults with a variety of communication and social developmental difficulties.

At CPotential we use LEGO Therapy not only to develop social communication skills but also fine motor skills and coordination. We have a wide range of blocks to suit children with physical disabilities or complex fine motor skill manipulation difficulties. Our Occupational Therapist advises on appropriate resources and fine motor manipulation strategies when necessary.

Child playing with LEGO - LEGO Therapy at CPotentialWhat are the benefits of LEGO Therapy?

  • Social interactions – improves understanding of turn-taking, and teamwork, increases confidence in social situations, and overall social skills
  • Language and communication – improves communication and interaction, increases vocabulary, instructional language, correct use of prepositions, and listening skills
  • Cognition and learning – reinforces knowledge of shapes and colours, counting, sequencing, fosters creative thinking and problem solving, improves focus and concentration
  • Motor skills and coordination – improves motor skills and general coordination skills
  • Mental health – increases confidence and self-esteem, and lowers anxiety and stress.

Who is LEGO Therapy suitable for?

Any child who is able to verbally communicate and/or follow simple instructions, able to participate in a small group setting, and is motivated by LEGO activities.

Children in LEGO TherapyWhat happens in a LEGO Therapy session?

During a LEGO Therapy session, three or four children of similar ages and abilities work together to build a LEGO model.

Each child takes on one of four specific roles to do this:

  • The Engineer oversees reading and relaying the instructions. The Engineer must tell the Supplier what pieces to retrieve and tell the Builder how to build the model
  • The Supplier oversees finding the correct LEGO pieces. The Supplier must listen to the Engineer and figure out what piece to retrieve, and then give these pieces to the Builder
  • The Builder oversees the physical building of the model. The Builder must listen to instructions provided by the Engineer and receive the pieces that are retrieved by the Supplier
  • The Foreman makes sure everyone is doing what they need to do. They provide help to other roles when needed and look out for social challenges that may need problem-solving by the group.

Using this format provides each child with an opportunity to practice and develop a wide range of skills, including language skills (in both giving and receiving instructions) turn-taking, negotiating, sharing, and collaborative social problem-solving. It also encourages children to reflect on their own actions and skills as well as give constructive feedback to their peers.

The session is led by Dasha Conolly – a highly skilled SENCO and Conductive Assistant. Click here to Meet the Team.

How much is LEGO Therapy?

**Special August Offer – 50% discount **

We believe that no child or young person should go without treatment due to financial circumstances.

As a not-for-profit organisation, CPotential is committed to fundraising for bursary support so we can provide the very best tailored integrated rehabilitation programmes for children and young people with movement disorders, at a vastly reduced rate.

Our prices vary per session across our core suite of services, depending on personal circumstances, bursary availability, and eligibility criteria. To help us gauge eligibility for a Therapy Plan Bursary, we do require a household income range that best represents your current financial status. E.g. £0 to £25,000, £26,000 to £50,000, £51,000 to £75,000 or £76,000 to £100,000+. See baseline fees here.

There is a one-off fee of £20 for an initial assessment to access all CPotential services.

How do I book LEGO Therapy?

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