£98 Mollii Suit Assessments

18 October 2022

Father with daughter in Mollii Suit

We are currently offering a 30% discount off EXOPULSE Mollii Suit Assessments at our Centre in Muswell Hill N10 1JP.

**Book an assessment for £98 instead of the usual price of £140**

What is Mollii?

Boy standing in Mollii Suit with TherapistDeveloped by a chiropractor and researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Mollii is a breakthrough in relieving spasticity and improving muscle control. The suit stimulates muscles that are underactive or have low tone and relaxes spasticity in muscle groups. This leads to greater strength and flexibility, and can also help relieve chronic pain.

Who is Mollii suitable for?

Mollii is suitable for children (from 98cm) or adults with a variety of neurological conditions, including cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, stroke, or multiple sclerosis.

How does Mollii help?

With regular use, Mollii can help a person gain more independence in daily life, by:

  • improving the range of movements in arms and legs
  • improving fine motor control, such as better hand control
  • helping them learn new movement patterns so they can execute movements correctly
  • helping with chronic pain.

How do I book a Mollii Suit Assessment?

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