A Cerebral Palsy Warrior

20 August 2021

Child in Occupational Therapy ball pit

Ivy is a true cerebral palsy warrior. After very sadly suffering a stroke in her mum’s womb, she was left with muscle stiffness down her left side and unable to speak.

Ivy’s parents were devastated when she was diagnosed with hemiplegia and felt lost without direction. But, after lots of research, they found our CPotential family and have been part of it ever since.

Mum, Valentina said “CPotential is possibly the best thing that has ever happened to Ivy and our family. Everybody is so supportive and helps us in every way possible. The friendliness and passion of everyone there creates such an amazing and positive environment for the children and the parents.”

Dad with girl in Music Therapy and CIMTAt CPotential, we are so happy to be part of Ivy’s life journey and have been witnessing such remarkable achievements in her development over the years. Ivy first started with us by enjoying our Conductive Education sessions and made plenty of friends.

Ivy has made such great progress in physiotherapy and occupational therapy and is currently powering through an intensive 3-week block of CIMT (constraint induced movement therapy) – tailored daily sessions to improve her bimanual movement, increasing strength and function of her hand and arm that has been affected by hemiplegia. Ivy is now achieving so many goals.


Finding the right therapy for a child is definitely challenging, but funding therapy is even harder.

Understandably, Valentina and Quame want to ensure Ivy reaches her full potential and builds independence to fulfill everything in life she is capable of. But, they need help.

Here is an article that MyLondonNews have written to support Ivy, and you can click here if you would like to contribute to Ivy’s Just4Children fundraising page.

Enjoy our video below to see Ivy in Conductive Education, and hear from dad Quame.


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