Girl with family in physiotherapy

LiteGait physiotherapy fun with LuizNothing is a more powerful message than our parents, carers and families sharing how they feel about their experience at CPotential.

Making a decision of where to go for your child’s therapy, or who to trust, can be super challenging. So, it’s the experiences shared that make that very difficult decision that bit easier.

We are very grateful to our families for sharing some of the following testimonials with us:

Maeve’s mum

I just want to say a very big thank you for Maeve’s intensive. The way Maeve responded to Andrea and did everything she told her to do was amazing. Andrea, you’re really special and CPotential are really lucky to have you! Thank you for the care and time you spent with Maeve.

Harriet’s mum

Finding the right therapy centre that works with your family is one of the most important things when raising a child with additional needs. We are so glad that we found CPotential!

Ruairí’s mum

We are extremely grateful to have been awarded funded music therapy sessions through the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Our son absolutely adores his therapist and we have watched him grow in confidence with his speech and singing. Watching him so happy and free to express himself through music therapy is an absolute joy.

Andy’s mum

For us, everything we are achieving and learning from our physio sessions at CPotential is helping us to gain one more step closer to an independent future for our child. Not only at school but as they go into adulthood and the potential to achieve beyond their abilities if they had not been attending the centre.

Ivy’s dad

CPotential’s job also doesn’t end when the session is over as they empower us with so much knowledge that we can take home and carry on helping our children when we are not there.

CPotential is definitely the first place of choice for our daughter Ivy, I will never be able to thank them enough for everything they have done and still do for our whole family.

Teddy’s mum

We were really grateful to be able to take Teddy for intensive therapy which is not really available in Ireland . Izzy was so encouraging of him and could read him very well and understand when he needed short breaks. It was great to see that he would tolerate two hours of therapy in a single session and just keep working away at it.

Poppy’s mum

CPotential has, in only a few months, provided a place and space where Poppy is celebrated and supported in a way that works for her. With CE sessions, Music Therapy sessions, play and story time, she has been helped and enriched in so many ways. We have seen her grow in physical strength – she is fitter, stronger and braver; she climbs, she jumps, she skips in a way she did not before.

Read more of our case studies here, or watch our video below to hear from more of the families we’ve helped along the way.

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