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At the core of our work is an approach called Conductive Education

Conductive Education is a learning method that recognises every child has the ability to learn and grow in confidence, skills and independence.

We use Conductive Education as part of a holistic approach including Early Intervention sessions, music therapy and Rebound therapy to:

  • give children the encouragement and support they need to become active learners
  • help each child develop their mobility, motor, sensory, communication, emotional, problem-solving and self-help skills
  • create a warm, supportive, fun learning environment and celebrate each child’s achievements. 


Practical skills for everyday living

We teach children how to develop the practical everyday skills they need, by breaking down tasks into shorter individual actions.

For example, we teach the gross motor skills required for sitting up, standing and walking. We teach fine motor skills such as how to handle and control objects like pencils, spoons and toys, and how to activate switches.

We also help children develop their speech and language skills, listening skills and the ability to co-operate and concentrate, and help them develop skills for dressing and toileting.

Our group sessions help children with social skills – they motivate each other and make friends.

Above all, we make activities fun using play, games, songs and rhythms so that children want to learn.


Working in partnership

Before your child starts sessions with us, we’ll invite you to come in with them for an informal assessment at our Centre, so we can all meet and you can tell us about your child’s developmental level, abilities, needs and goals.

We encourage parents to join in the sessions. This helps you to gain the tools you need to continue the learning at home. This shared experience transforms life for families, who have to overcome many challenges when raising a child with significant or complex disabilities.