Amy Winehouse Music Therapy+ Programme Terms and Conditions


Throughout this special block of Music Therapy sessions, we want to build a relationship with you so that we can help you build a long-term holistic and integrated rehabilitation plan for your child, enable you to access all the services you need and ensure that we can help you reach sustainable funding for ongoing rehabilitation.

Please review the following terms and conditions for our bursary programmes:

  1. The assessment and all sessions will take place at CPotential, 143 Coppett’s Road, London, N10 1JP. To take part in the programme, you must be able to travel to the centre for your weekly session.
  2. So that we can help as many children and young people as possible, this bursary funded programme is not available if you have been able to secure funding elsewhere.
  3. The programme will commence in September. The block of sessions will take place once a week to be arranged between 11am and 3pm on weekdays. The session will be at the same time each week.
  4. The programme includes introductory sessions with therapists about other services that may benefit your child, fundraising advice and support session and an introduction to our wellbeing, legal and education partners. Please note that these sessions are part of the programme so it will be necessary to attend. We will be sure to offer a range of times and days so that they can fit into your schedule.
  5. To enable us to promote our services and help as many children as possible, we will be taking photos and videos of the sessions throughout the programme. We would be very happy to provide information about how the photos will be used.
  6. If you have already completed an Amy Winehouse Music Therapy+ Programme, you are not eligible to apply for this programme.


Cancellations during blocks of therapy:

Individual sessions during blocks of therapy will not be liable for refund of any monies paid nor can the therapy be used at a later date.  Where payment has not yet been made, all sessions within a block remain chargeable. All blocks of therapy are individualised and as such are non-transferable.

On occasion, we may have to cancel a scheduled session. This may occur, for example, if a staff member is sick or if a preceding session has overrun. If we have to cancel, we will book another appointment at a mutually convenient time as soon as is reasonably possible. No charge will be made to you for any session which may be cancelled by us.

Dad with girl in Music Therapy and CIMT

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