CE Summer Group – 29th July to 23rd August 2024

20 May 2024

Is your child’s school or conductive education sessions closing for the Summer holidays? If so, we encourage you to try our new CE Summer Group at CPotential.

About the CE Summer Group

Children sitting in the Rondo for regulation time at CE Summer Group for children with movement disorders.

  • Maximum of 6 children per group
  • Suitable for children with a primary movement disorder, aged from 4 to 10 years
  • The groups are 4 days per week for a 2-week block, with 3-day bookings as a minimum. (We will accept bookings for one week only)
  • Sessions are 3.5 hours in duration and take place from Monday to Thursday at 9.30am to 1pm. Arrival from 9.15am for a prompt 9.30am start.

CE stands for Conductive Education, and is also known as the Peto method. This unique holistic approach helps children with physical disabilities improve their key life skills and gain independence. One of the main principles of the Peto method is that everyone has potential, and the potential to learn. The Peto method views each child and appreciates the person, instead of focusing on one targeted area only.

CE focuses on a child’s abilities with a can-do attitude, breaking down tasks into smaller steps to make them achievable, so children can experience success and self-belief. CE uses many ‘tools’, such as repetition, acoustic cueing, the environment and the group setting itself. Overall, the children improve their skills and apply them into functional activities, such as play or self-care.

The Peto method includes areas of development to improve a child’s physical abilities, social and communication skills, play skills, self-care, as well as understanding of the world around them.

What happens at the CE Summer Group

  • CE group sessions will be filled with motivation and positive feedback to support the children’s self-esteem, meanwhile they may grow a better understanding of the world around them within the set themes of the weeks.
  • The children will attend each Summer Group session with their parent/carer, providing an opportunity to share achievements with their children as well as meeting other families.
  • Each session will be paced for the children’s needs and abilities with active breaks between the sessions, and an opportunity to relax in a stimulating environment between activities.
  • Applications will be reviewed by professionals to make sure the CE Summer Group is beneficial for the child.
  • Please bring snacks/drinks.

Key benefits of the CE Summer Group

  • Improvements to gross motor skills, and body and spatial awareness, resulting in being able to move the body better to achieve more independence. That may mean sitting or standing with reduced support to some children, while rolling or stepping for some others. The daily routine will include a set task series in lying/sitting/standing positions as well as mobility activities. The children will gain confidence in knowing what to expect by becoming familiar with the set routine.
  • Improved hand skills, such as grasp and release or aiming, helping children to better participate in playing, eating as well as supporting themselves with their hands by holding onto objects.
  • Improved social and communication skills, as in greeting peers, participating in turn-taking activities, and making/ expressing choices, as well as learning a routine. All resulting in better participation in playing.
  • Due to the above improvements to various skills, this will help to improve self-care skills, engaging with parents/siblings/peers, and improved access to everyday activities.

How much does the CE Summer Group cost?

**As this is a brand-new service to CPotential, we are offering an introductory 25% discount which is included in the prices below**

New to CPotential?

If you are new to our services, you’ll need to come and see us for an initial assessment (£45 fee) so please register as soon as possible and we’ll send you our pre-assessment form to complete.

All appointments take place at CPotential, 143 Coppetts Road, London N10 1JP.

How to book?

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