Baseline fees

At CPotential, we genuinely care about helping every child, no matter their financial circumstances.

While our fees are outlined below, we understand that personal situations vary. If you need support, we encourage you to reach out to us via email.

As a charity, we are dedicated to raising funds for bursaries, which may enable us to offer your child a supported rate for their customised therapy plan. Rest assured, our commitment to assisting you remains unwavering.

To begin your journey with us, we ask for a clinical assessment fee of £45.

Together, we can find a way to make a positive impact and ensure your child gets the support they need.

Chris Gilbert, Chair of Trustees


These are our baseline fees for CPotential rehabilitation services.

Please read our full CPotential Terms and Conditions

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*Introductory prices for a limited time CPotential Services

Sessions Price
Assessment £45
ATLAS Exo (Robotic Paediatric Exoskeleton)

·        Trial Session

·        Full Assessment/s




Individual session of

·        Aquatic Therapy

·        Conductive Education

·        Music Therapy

·        Occupational Therapy

·        Physiotherapy

·        Speech & Language Therapy



£59 / 30 minutes

£74 / 45 minutes

£98 / 60 minutes


CIMT (Constraint Induced Movement Therapy) /

Upper Limb Therapy / Bimanual


£98/ 45 minutes


CIMT cast x 1 £50
Conductive Education (group session) £34 / 60 minutes

£34 / 45 minutes

DMI (Dynamic Movement Intervention Therapy) £98 / 45 minutes
Galileo Whole Body Vibration Therapy (ad-hoc session) £98 / 45 minutes
Mollii Suit (EXOPULSE) Assessment £140
Music Therapy (group session) £18 / 30 minutes

£34 / 45 minutes

Online Services £40 / 30 minutes

£60 / 45 minutes

Specialist Report Writing £70 / hour
Therapist/s (additional, for joint sessions) £40 / 30 minutes

£60 / 45 minutes

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