Alexander’s story

Alex and a Conductor

The minute we walked through the doors with our son Alexander we knew that we’d found a wonderful new environment. Everyone was so friendly and the building itself was beautifully decorated and colourful. There was a lovely feeling of warmth from all the children in the school as well as the staff.

Alexander was a timid and scared toddler of 20 months when he joined the Centre eight months ago. He was unable to walk and would not allow anyone other than close family to touch him.

How things have changed! Today he’s a bright, bubbly and much more carefree little boy who loves coming once a week to his sessions.

Through one-to-one attention and carefully building a strong relationship with our son, the Conductors have been highly instrumental in facilitating his progress from shuffling around on the floor to walking in a steady and confident manner. I believe that without the intervention of the Centre, Alexander may still have been unable to walk.

The regularity of his sessions and the fact that we were taught many techniques that could be easily replicated at home has meant that Alexander’s mobility has improved more rapidly than we imagined. The session Conductors have always had faith in his ability and ensured that I switched my thinking from ‘might walk‘ to ‘will walk!”

My family and I are so grateful to CPotential and we will forever credit you with supporting Alexander (and us) during a period of his life that would otherwise have been quite challenging.


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