How Mollii is helping Bella Rose

Bella and Thomas in Mollii suits

When I booked the Mollii assessment at CPotential, I didn’t know much about the suit or how it could benefit my daughter, Bella Rose, who has cerebral palsy.

I’d been worried that she might be upset coming to a new environment but the assessor was very welcoming; she spoke directly to Bella Rose and put both of us at our ease.

I was astonished at the results of what an hour of wearing Mollii could do. Bella Rose was able to step better and her gait had improved significantly. On our drive back home, her appetite had improved too and she ate more food than she normally would.

Despite seeing the suit’s immediate positive effects, I wasn’t sure I could afford it. But CPotential gave me a list of organisations I could apply to for funding. So I put in an application, which, happily, was accepted.

Now, after about six months of wearing the suit for an hour every day I can truly say that it’s the best investment I’ve made for my child’s development.

For instance, when Bella Rose has Botox injections in her legs she gets a little too weak to bear weight on them; the Mollii suit brings back the strength and gives her that extra buzz to push on from the window of opportunity the Botox gives her legs to strengthen.

I’d recommend Mollii to everyone. It works for us and I think it will do wonders for your child too.

Daria Kader, Bella Rose’s mum

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