Mia’s story

Child on microphone

Mia is two years old and has been attending our Early Intervention sessions with her mum. Mia’s cerebral palsy affects all areas of her development including her motor skills, mobility and communication.

When we first met her, Mia could crawl around on the floor by herself but needed support to both sit on a stool and stand up. She also needed help to move around the room with a walker.

During the sessions Mia has been working on improving her balance and mobility – and gaining confidence.

Our specialist Conductors have gently challenged her to help her standing up and getting around, using various walking equipment. As a result, Mia can now get on and off a stool by herself, can stand up from the floor by herself and maintains her standing position without support. She is able to put her socks and shoes on with minimal support too.

Mia took her first independent steps less than six months after her first session here. She now walks longer distances confidently without support.


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