Misha’s Story

Child in Rebound Therapy

Misha was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome just after he was born. It was a really tough time for our family as we had just moved to the UK so everything was new for us; being in a new place, having our first baby, and dealing with all the complications related to Misha’s diagnosis.

I heard about CPotential from a local parent when Misha was around a year old. Everyone working at CPotential is so welcoming and the sessions are so exciting that Misha likes all of them. He started attending Conductive Education sessions when he was a year old and has also enjoyed Music Therapy, Independent Living and Rebound Therapy.

Misha was preverbal when we started coming to CPotential and used Makaton. All the Conductors used signing with him and now his speech is coming along, he can speak in two-word sentences and understands a lot more. He likes to communicate with friends during the session and likes sharing and taking turns.

“Misha wasn’t walking when we started the sessions, and now he can walk and run, and we are working on teaching him to jump. His balance has also improved a lot.”

His attention during the sessions is amazing and he likes to participate in the activities. His behaviour can be challenging at times (like any other 4-year-old!) but the Conductors find the best way to address this by changing the subject and offering an exciting game.

I would like to express our gratitude to everyone working at CPotential, who make the place so special for us. We have found a place that is a delight to visit where the people are welcoming and supportive. Misha is having lots of fun while learning through play, and the atmosphere in the centre is just amazing – it is such a bright place, the rooms are so spacious and full of lovely toys and equipment.

Nadezhda – Misha’s Mum


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