Sara’s making strides

Sara playing cymbals in Conductive Education

Sara, aged 3, has been coming to CPotential sessions once a week with her mum Elisabeth for nearly two years.  We asked Elisabeth how Sara’s doing.

How did you hear about CPotential? 

As with most things, I learnt of the charity through another mum. I didn’t know about Conductive Education at the time but I thought that anything that would help Sara’s development should be worth a try.

What was Sara like when you first brought her?

When we first arrived she had only just begun to hold her head up independently. She was bum-shuffling and couldn’t walk independently. She was also very shy and non-verbal.

What does she do at the sessions?

We come to sessions with two little boys and their mum. It’s a lovely large bright room, full of fun and colourful equipment and objects for the children to explore and play with.

Dorottya, the Conductor, gently the children in structured games and activities. She helps each one develop the things they need like hand-eye coordination, reaching with both hands, improving their balance and walking on different surfaces.

As Sara’s confidence has developed the activities have got a little bit more challenging.

I think the sessions have proved invaluable because of their holistic approach. So much thought goes into making them fun for the children. Sara thoroughly enjoys them despite the fact that she’s actually working really hard!

How have you been helped as a parent?

Dorottya has helped my husband and me to have a better understanding of our daughter’s condition and taught me simple strategies I can use at home with Sara, so the learning really becomes part of our everyday family life.

Have you seen a difference in her abilities?

Sara has now been walking for around six months and I’m certain this would not have happened as quickly as it did if it weren’t for the help she received at CPotential.

Her social skills have also improved, thanks to the beautiful bond that’s developed between her and the twins.

CPotential has most definitely exceeded our expectations.



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