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24 July 2018

Anne Onwusiri and boy painting

Experiential arts flyer


We’re delighted to be introducing Experiential Arts sessions to our range of sessional services at CPotential.

The sessions will be run by Anne Onwusiri, formerly the Arts Project Coordinator at Woodstar School, who explains: “Experiential arts is all about the creative experience. The focus is on the experience itself, rather than the output, as a way for disabled children and young people to express themselves in a safe and supportive space.”

The sessions will be for children and young people aged 7-16. They will include making art and crafts, drama or dance, photography or film-making, and Anne will gently support each one to get the most out of whatever they choose to do.

She adds: “Taking part can involve lots of useful skills helping the child or young person with, for example, their communication, hand-eye coordination, mobility, thinking and social skills. Just as importantly, the sessions are also fun and help build self-esteem and confidence.”

The 1-hour sessions will be run in six-week blocks on Saturdays during term time, starting on 3 November 2018.

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  • If you are interested in your child coming,  please click through to the form above. We’ll then invite you and your child in for a free informal assessment on a Saturday from September.


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