Hollywood comes to Woodstar School

13 December 2017

Red carpet. Red rope stanchions. Doorman in cool shades. Everything was set for the most glamorous afternoon in Muswell Hill  for a very special première.

Parents, trustees and friends came suitably attired in their best finery for the first showing of our  ‘Countdown to Christmas’ live action play, starring the pupils at Woodstar School and Nursery.

Finn Emmerson, Head of School, said: “This year, instead of the usual nativity play, we’ve produced our very own version of this seasonal play for children. We’ve adapted it to meet the needs of our pupils. All of the children took part – as Mum, Dad and two sons plus the magical Fairy Clockmother with her three helpers Tick, Tock and Cuckoo.  They were all brilliant!

“Not only did they have great fun dressing up but it was an excellent way to practise skills like taking turns, listening and following camera directions, conveying emotions and saying lines or improvising.”

The school team filmed short scenes over several weeks slotted into usual lesson times. This means the children could feel comfortable in their usual surroundings and didn’t need to worry about performing in front of an audience.  Some of them spoke their lines and some used pre-recorded switches or communication aids.

The children received well-deserved Woodstar School Oscars for a range of cinematic achievements, including the best standing, best vocals and best ‘method acting’.

Everyone enjoyed the film immensely.

Huge thanks go to all the staff behind the scenes, with more Oscars going to Anne Onsuwiri (teaching assistant/Screenwriter and Film Director), Adri Oskovics (teaching assistant/ Assistant Producer) and to Glen Hurst, our caretaker, for his magnificent set design.

Thank you, too, to Dobbs Logistics and West End for providing the Hollywood setting.

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