Introducing Rebound Therapy at CPotential

25 June 2019

Santi bouncing

Montage of children using Rebound Therapy


We’re delighted to let you know we are now offering one-to-one weekly Rebound Therapy as part of our range of sessions for children.

In Rebound therapy we use a large trampoline in a safe and comfortable environment to help children improve a range of physical and cognitive skills.

Finn Emmerson, Director of Clinical Services, says: “We offer Rebound therapy as it works well alongside Conductive Education, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. The trampoline provides an opportunity for the child to work on their posture, core stability and balance. It’s also a fun experience.”

All of our therapy staff have received certificated training in the theory and practice of Rebound Therapy so they can tailor the sessions to meet each child’s individual needs.

If you’d like to book an assessment for Rebound Therapy, please visit Rebound Therapy.



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