Clare Roels Bicycle Art at Crouch End Boutique Shop – 8th Oct

7 October 2022

Clare Roels 5 Rings sculptor

Sculptor, Clare Roels displays Bicycle Works Exhibition at our Crouch End Boutique Charity Shop – Saturday 8th October.

We’re very excited to be gearing up to transform our boutique charity shop on Crouch End Broadway into an art gallery for Sculptor, Clare Roels.

Clare Roels Art Exhibition PosterClare’s work has a simplicity of shape and colour that attracts and captivates the viewer.

Clare took up sculpture at Morley College as a mature student. Much of her work expresses the issues of internal development, change, and renewal raised during her working life. Cycling, and recycling, express her belief in the need for sustainability of our planet. Each has at least one flaw, due to damage, or they would not have been discarded. Now their iconic shapes are being used to express the more difficult aspects of life or the fun and delight of living.

Aisha Sheikh, Business Development Manager at CPotential said “after the success of the Late Mark Cheng Art Event at the shop, we’re absolutely delighted to now have the opportunity to exhibit Clare’s unique and special works and thank her for also generously donating three unique collages to support children with movement disorders.”

As a sculptor, Clare was looking for a new way of expressing her ideas. Then one day, looking up at the pods on the rotating wheel of the London Eye, she thought: pots on a cycle wheel? So began to use recycled bicycle wheels to express the ups and downs of life. She uses each recycled cycle wheel as a canvas to express movement, colour, shape, and connections, and some are physically interactive.

Some of Clare’s works displayed incorporate bicycle chains, brake lines, gear sprockets, hubs, spokes, and other bicycle parts. These wheels have travelled the streets of London– who has owned them? Where have they been? What caused them to be abandoned? They have now been recycled and given a new lease of life.

We do hope you can join us!

Clare Roels Bicycle Works Art Exhibition at CPotential Boutique Charity Shop, 25 Broadway Parade, Crouch End, London N8 9DE

Saturday 8th October between 1pm to 6pm

Ham & High press article – Charity shop gears up to show recycled bicycle artworks

Clare Roels Mar Mite Sculptor


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