Being part of the children’s journey

15 November 2018

Orsi Farkas is a Conductor at CPotential.        We asked her about her job at the Centre.


Orsi with a young child in a Conductive Education session.


When and why did you join CPotential?

I came to CPotential (then called the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy) in January 2014. I had trained in Conductive Education and Teaching at the International Peto Institute in Hungary and then worked at the Foundation for Conductive Education (NICE) in Birmingham.

I wanted to live in London and experience the life of a Londoner. I worked at the Centre’s summer camp in 2013 and really liked it.


What’s your role?

Over time I’ve moved around the various aspects of the work we do, working with children of different ages and abilities.

I started as a Team Leader and Conductor-Teacher for our Conductive nursery group, and then I became a Conductor-in-Charge for our sessional service, working with children from babies to teenagers.  I’m now working as part-time Conductor with our multi-disciplinary team in the Woodstar School nursery class and I’m also an assessor for the Mollii suit assistive device.


What are the key skills you need for your job?

It’s kind of impossible to name only one or two skills as it’s much more than that but, I’d say, in addition to clinical knowledge, you need empathy, creativity,  problem-solving and tons of enthusiasm.

You also need to be playful and flexible, observant, and you always need to look at the each child you work with as a unique and individual character and you need to be motivating.

It’s all about putting your expertise and experience together moment by moment to make the learning and development enjoyable for the children. Being a good listener is also vital.



What do you like about working at CPotential?

We work with children with various abilities, skills and diagnoses. They all are amazing and they give us the greatest reward day by day – that we can be part of their journey on the road of their development. The families are also a huge part of our operation. They are fabulous. We see them as our partners in helping the children achieve through their work with us.

There’s no day without some success, great or small. Overall, it can be a challenging job but I always feel appreciated.


What is the professional team like?

I’m also lucky to be part of such a great team.  From a professional point of view it’s really stimulating to work as part of an incredible multi-disciplinary team, which includes Conductors and SEN teachers along with experts in speech and language therapy and sensory integration, an occupational therapist and an amazing music therapist.

We’re always learning from each other and sharing best practice to ensure the children get the most out of our holistic approach.

At CPotential your colleagues are not just the people you work with – we really bond as friends, supporting each other. We also have a lot of fun!


How have you been able to develop your career?

I’ve been given lots of opportunities to develop my career, taking on new challenges. The management is supportive. In the past year alone I’ve had training in Rebound therapy and signing.

I’ve also had the chance to represent CPotential and the Mollii suit at SEN exhibitions and conferences. It’s always a great experience to meet families and other professionals. Every interaction has helped me learn and widen my professional expertise as a Conductor.

I’ve now taken on the lead as our clinical assessor for the Mollii suit.  This is an assistive device for children and adults with cerebral palsy and other movement disorders, which can help reduce spasticity and improve muscle tone. We offer people free trials and I take each person through the assessment process. It’s been useful to add this work to my professional skill set.


Orsi Farkas and a boy wearing a Mollii suit















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