Demand a Fairer System of Support for Disabled Children

1 June 2022

autumn therapy camp at cpotential for children with cerebral palsy and movement disorders

Join us in demanding a fairer system of support for every disabled child and family. Email your MP and demand they #SENDABetterMessage. 

The government has outlined a far-reaching reform programme to change how disabled children’s health and care works. This is an important opportunity to expose how confrontational and bureaucratic the current system is. But we also can’t let the government make it harder to access support. 

What is the #SENDABetterMessage campaign? 

#SENDABetterMessage calls on the government to use its SEND reform programme to create a more just, fairer system of support for disabled children and families – one that is easier to navigate and gets them the services they’re entitled without having to fight for them.   

Currently, too many disabled children and families have to battle through a confrontational and bureaucratic system to get the services they’re entitled to in order to live a good quality of life – with different services providers not working well together and unclear accountability. This campaign aims to challenge this broken system.  

The campaign was launched shortly after the government published its SEND Green Paper in March 2022 and was designed with parent carers and supporter organisations from the DCP. 

Download the full briefing on the campaign and the Green Paper.

How can I get involved? 

This is a fast-moving campaign, with ways to get involved changing quickly. Here are the current main campaign actions: 

Thank you for your support.

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