DLD Awareness Day

14 October 2022

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Friday 14th October is Developmental Language Disorder Day and CPotential is helping to raise awareness of this hidden but common disability.

Developmental Language Disorder affects 1 in 14 people causing difficulties in understanding and using language for no known reason. The 2022 DLDday theme is Growing with DLD, highlighting that DLD is a lifelong, permanent disability. People do not grow out of DLD but with individualised support that can include regular speech-language therapy and educational adjustments they can thrive. It’s about growing with DLD.

Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder (RADLD), the lead organization that coordinates international DLDday advocates for increased recognition and support for people with DLD across their lifespan.

Boy pointing up to DLD message“People with DLD are 6 times more likely to suffer from anxiety and 3 times more likely to have clinical depression. They are also at significant risk of struggling with reading, spelling and mathematics. Although DLD is a common condition affecting many areas of life, people with DLD are unlikely to receive access to services,” said Stephen Parsons, Chair of RADLD.

“We’re calling on the community, families, organisations, educators and health professionals to help us get the word out about DLD and the significant and ongoing impact a DLD diagnosis has.”

Increased awareness of DLD can reduce social stigmatisation and improve access to specialist and support services. Supporting DLDDay can be as simple as visiting the RADLD social media channels and sharing this year’s Growing with DLD awareness video with your networks. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DLDday too.

What is DLD?

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