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7 December 2020

Girl in Conductive Education with mum

The COVID19 crisis has been life-changing for us all. But can you imagine being a parent that is not able to take their child to the therapy sessions that enhance and improve their life? This was the reality for a lot of our families throughout the COVID19 lockdown.

We were able to quickly adapt and offer online sessions, which have been a huge success, but now that our doors are open once more, we desperately need your help to ensure that we can support as many families as possible. The sooner we act, the greater the impact.

So, this Christmas, we are asking you to donate to our Christmas Appeal and make a real difference to children like Ivy, who, through no fault of their own, could really use your help.



Ivy’s Story

“When we found out that our daughter has cerebral palsy, we were devastated and felt completely lost. After lots of research, we found Conductive Education at CPotential. From our very first visit we felt so comfortable and reassured by the conductor that Ivy had lots of potential, and they started working with her straight away.

CPotential is possibly the best thing that has ever happened to Ivy and our family. Everybody is so supportive and helps us in every way possible. The friendliness and passion of everyone creates such an amazing and positive environment for the children and the parents.

My daughter has never liked any form of therapy but as soon as we arrive at CPotential she runs towards the door and can’t wait to start the session, which is always in the form of playing and fun activities, so they don’t realise they are actually putting in the work.

CPotential’s work does not end when the session is over; they empower us with so much knowledge that we can take home so that we can carry on helping our children when we are not at the centre.

The advice, support and care we receive is priceless and the variety of activities is endless, making them a 360 facility where they can help every aspect of Ivy’s difficulties.

CPotential is definitely the place of choice for our daughter, Ivy, and I will never be able to thank them enough for everything they have done and still do for our family.

We feel truly blessed to be part of the CPotential family.” – Valentina, Ivy’s mum.



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