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27 January 2022

Mother and child cuddling - parent wellbeing

Today is Parent Mental Health Day (27 January).

With huge thanks to National Lottery Awards for All, we are absolutely delighted to invite parents/carers to apply for places on our final phase of the fully funded Wellbeing Courses with Charlie Lyons, Wellbeing Coach and Founder of ConnectIn.

Charlie Lyons of Connect In said “I’m very much looking forward to starting with the final cohort of CPotential parents delivering funded wellbeing support sessions. I’ve received some great feedback so far with parents appreciating the following:

  • Accessing something that is purely for them
  • Having space to explore the challenges that arise from being a parent carer
  • Being able to learn & practice wellbeing techniques with support
  • Receiving valuable wellbeing resources
  • Receiving support that is individually tailored to you, whether it be; managing triggering situations with professionals, processing your birthing experience, responding to the rollercoaster ride of emotions, or considering how work may now live in your life and so on.”

According to the mental health charity Mind, more than half of all adults said their mental health got worse during lockdown.

Having a child with special needs and going through the process of finding a diagnosis is no easy experience. Often it causes parents to disconnect from themselves, going into survival mode to focus on their child’s health and support, but if we stay in this place for too long, it can have a huge impact on a person. For many parents and particularly those living with disability, this pandemic has zapped even more energy and caused an increase in anxiety.

Charlie is such a breath of fresh air, she is kind, patient and I have benefited enormously from the time we have spent together. As parents our well-being is always bottom of the list but Charlie provided me with the time, space and encouragement to reflect and take care of my emotional health. Thank you Charlie, I hope this is just the beginning.”

Whether it has been taking care of children whilst working, having to manage without usual therapy and support, navigating the effect of isolation on family members or coping with fatigue from the extensive periods of restrictions and lockdown, parents and carers have arguably borne the brunt of some of the most difficult effects of the pandemic.

This wellbeing support has been absolutely necessary especially at the right time. Charlie had been awesome and would love to continue as it’s actually worked wonders for me. Thank you Charlie and C-Potential I’m sure this wellbeing support has not only helped me as a parent with a disabled child it can be very challenging and this definitely helps to Centre and give a different perspective on dealing with all we have to deal with.”

Click here to find out more about our Fully Funded Wellbeing Course, and how to apply


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