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Volunteer reading with a pupil

Would you like to volunteer with CPotential? 

We’ve got some great volunteering opportunities (June 2019):

To apply, please fill in our online form on this page.


We welcome volunteers and interns to work with our staff teams across a whole range of activities in our Centre and shops.

It’s a great way to:

  • learn new skills
  • make new friends
  • make a difference to the lives of disabled children.

Volunteer with us and you can pick up new work skills, learn about our work and contribute your own experience and ideas to help us grow.  You may be able to help us with:

Corporate volunteering

If your company would like to arrange a team volunteering project with us, please get in touch



Ylyn Crowstaff

Ylyn lives in Islington and works in our Chapel Market shop on Saturdays.

“I’ve been volunteering with CPotential for just over a year now,” she says, “and I really enjoy it.”

“I specifically wanted to help out at a local charity. I’m really interested in the work CPotential does helping disabled children, especially the Mollii suit.

“The shop has a nice communal feel, with regulars popping in. I do a bit of everything – helping customers find things, pricing donations and working on the till. I’ve also dressed the window and it’s interesting seeing what draws people in.

“I think I’ve gained some useful retail skills and feel I’m contributing my time to something really worthwhile.”



Juliette and a child

“I’ve been volunteering at CPotential for about six years. I live near the Centre and wanted to do some voluntary work so this was perfect. I soon realised that even a little of my time every week goes a long way in helping the children.

I come in once a week. I help to feed children who can’t feed themselves, read stories to them to help their visual stimulation and generally support the team, who do an amazing job. But they can always do with an extra pair of hands.

The children constantly amaze me with their determination – and not a day goes by without a smile!”