How CPotential helps parents

Sue Morrison shares her experience as a parent of a child coming to CPotential

My son is a young adult with cerebral palsy. He’s now 26 but he came here to the Centre weekly for treatments from being six months to about six years old. The Conductive Education was wonderful for his physical development but the support and guidance that we had as parents at the same time was also fantastic. My husband and I are both doctors but we still found this a very lonely and difficult few years and to be able to talk to other parents and staff was really marvellous. So I would encourage any of you, any parents of newly diagnosed children to come to the Centre to use these wonderful supports.

Talk with Sue

  • Has your child been diagnosed with cerebral palsy or hemiplegia?
  • Do you feel a bit overwhelmed or fearful?
  • Would it help to have a confidential chat with someone who’s been in a similar position?

If that sounds like you, you might want someone to talk to.

I’m a retired NHS GP and professional coach but, more than that, I have personal experience of the ups and downs of being a parent of a child with disabilities. I offer free and confidential parent-to-parent support by email.

I’ll listen to your concerns, help answer your questions and guide you through the healthcare/ special educational needs system. As one parent to another.

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