Party on down with CPotential

15 May 2019

Table with lots of party items

Are you having a children’s birthday party soon? Here’s a simple way to invite your young guests and make the event even more memorable.

We’ve teamed up with Kindergifts, a new online invitation platform that enables people to support the causes they care about whilst reducing gift waste and teaching children about giving back.

It’s easy 

Instead of receiving lots of small gifts – often things, let’s be honest, your child doesn’t need – you can now send a free Kindergifts party invitation with group gift and charity details.

When your guests RSVP to the invitation, they have the option to contribute whatever they’d normally spend on a gift. You choose what percentage of the party proceeds to donate to CPotential.

After the party Kindergifts makes two payments: one to you for the purchase of your gift and one to us.

By supporting our vital services, you and your party-goers can put a smile on lots more children’s faces. What could be kinder?


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