Launch of Joe Wicks inspired PE sessions for disabled children

29 January 2021

Joe Wicks inspired inclusive PE for disabled children

After being inspired by the lockdown success of Joe Wicks, we are delighted to announce the launch of some fun and inclusive PE sessions of our own.

Families connected to the charity have loved the idea of fitness sessions for their children and wanted to be more involved.  However, with a wide range of movement disabilities amongst the children and young people that come to us, they have been unable to join in many of the exercises.

This feedback worked as a catalyst for our therapists and conductors, who wanted to ensure that all children could enjoy PE sessions, regardless of their abilities.

When Dr Ranj Singh, Paediatric Doctor and TV Presenter heard of our exciting new project, he was extremely supportive. Ranj said, “We know exercise is key for children’s physical and mental wellbeing, but we must make sure that ALL children get to benefit from it regardless of ability. Tailored exercises which involve those with disabilities are a wonderful idea – and the kids will love them!”

As of Monday 1st February, we are releasing our very first Inclusive PE video across our social media channels. We have designed three levels of activity loosely based on the cerebral palsy GMFCS classification system, although the activities are suitable for children with a range of disabilities and can be done by anyone, so we hope that siblings will join in too.

Each of the three video levels will be released at 8am across Monday, Wednesday and Friday and can then be used on a regular basis from thereon in. Families are encouraged to give it a try and feedback to us with photos, videos and any new ideas and share with other families living with disabled children.

Orsi Farkas, Clinical Services Manager at CPotential said, “The government recommends that children have 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, so the PE program we’ve put together will go a long way to making this a manageable reality in lockdown for our families. We hope that families will love this opportunity to enjoy another fun activity together.”

Watch all of our Inclusive PE Session Videos here.

Keep a lookout for information on an upcoming LIVE PE Session too. If you enjoy the sessions and they’re useful, we’ll make more!

We hope you enjoy the videos and can help us share them with other families who can benefit too ????

Email us with any ideas or feedback.

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