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16 March 2021

Boy in physiotherapy with therapist

For almost 60 years, our generous supporters have helped to fund CPotential’s work with children with movement disorders.  This money has been raised through charitable trusts, community events and our various appeals and we are grateful for every penny.

Another way in which you can support our work is by leaving a gift in your Will.  Gifts in Wills, or legacies, are a vital source of income for all charities and CPotential is no different.  Leaving a gift in your Will is an easy way to help children with movement disorders that won’t affect your lifestyle.

We welcome gifts of any size and we always recommend that you look after your loved ones first.  Then simply leave us what’s left, termed the residue of your estate.  That way, everyone’s happy.

Please also always consult a lawyer when leaving us a legacy.  It is one of the most important documents you will ever make, so we advise consulting an expert when doing so.

So, if you want CPotential’s work with disabled children to continue far into the future, why not consider leaving us a gift in your Will today.

If you want to talk to us first, why not ring Jason Shauness on 07833 932291 or email him at jshauness@cplondon.org.uk



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