Lockdown Bundle

21 January 2021

A discounted bundle of recommended services

It became quite clear after the last lockdown that the prolonged effect of reduced therapy and physical activity had a profound negative impact on our children and families accessing our services.
As a result of this, we want to support families as much as we can throughout this lockdown. So we have created a special discounted bundle, featuring a range of our services, to ensure your child’s development can continue throughout lockdown.

What’s included in the bundle?


1 x Conductive Education (face to face)
1 x Session with a Conductor (online)
1 x Physiotherapy Session (face to face)
1 x Physiotherapy Session (online)
1 x Interactive Storytime (face to face or online)
1 x Learning Through Play (face to face or online)

Is it possible to do all of the sessions online?

We have created the bundle with a combination of face to face and online sessions to ensure that your child gets the best experience. However, if you are shielding or would be more comfortable doing all of the sessions online, this can easily be arranged.


Can I personalise the bundle?

Conductive Education and Physiotherapy are the core sessions within the bundle but if Interactive Stories and/or Learning Through Play are not suitable for your child, we would be very happy to swap these for other, more suitable services. Please get in touch to discuss personalising your bundle.


How much does the Lockdown Bundle Cost?

When you book the Lockdown Bundle, a 40% discount will be applied to all of the services listed above.

If you are new to CPotential, you will need to complete an assessment before booking any services, so please get in touch to book your assessment.


Get in touch to find out more and book the Lockdown Bundle


COVID19: we are able to stay open throughout lockdown and are following strict government and health guidelines at the Centre. With full PPE, sanitising of rooms and equipment between sessions, temperature checking and social distancing measures in place.  We ask that all visitors wear a face covering and also ensure our Covid Consent Form has been completed prior to arrival at the Centre. Thich can be found within the booking confirmation email and is easy to complete on any device.


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