Well done, well run 2019

1 May 2019

Xiuyan Liu, Deborah Shepherd and David Schmitz

Xiuyan Liu, Deborah Shepherd and David Schmitz

Huge thanks to our amazing London Marathon Trio –  Deborah Shepherd, Xiuyan Liu and David Schmitz.

They all finished the race last Sunday in good times (4.25, 4.34 and 6.38 hours).

So what did our heroes say – once they’d got their breath back?

Xiu: “The race was tough, especially the last 10K but I’m delighted to have raised over £2,500 (so far) for CPotential. I got a hero-like welcome from colleagues, friends and loved ones, making it worthwhile, special and sweet.”

Deborah: “It really was an honour to run for CPotential again. Exhausting but very rewarding!”

David: “I didn’t manage a personal best but, as this was my first marathon since turning 70, I’m feeling pretty good about it. Indeed, so quickly have the joints healed that I’ve already put myself down for next year’s ballot for a place.”

And he quipped: “When I had to slow down to a walk, I told the spectators that I was merely evening up gaps in the service. They seemed to like that!”

There’s still time to show your support through their fundraising pages – all proceeds go towards our services to help disabled children achieve their potential.


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