Meet our Marathon 2019 team

19 March 2019

CPotential marathon runners logo

CPotential marathon runners logo


We’re delighted to give a shout out to our fabulous Team CPotential, who’ll be pounding the streets for us in the London Marathon on Sunday 28 April:



Why are they going the extra 26.2 miles for us?

Keen athlete Xiuyan (at top of the image) is running for us for the first time, although, amazingly, this will be her 82nd Marathon. She says: “I’ve worked with and for children for decades. Helping sick and disabled children is my career and my passion.”

Deborah, who’s a head teacher of a special educational needs school in Islington, says: “I had the privilege of running last year’s Marathon for CPotential and am delighted to do it again. I’ve got some great fundraising ideas in store for my family, friends and colleagues!”

And barrister David is both our oldest runner (he’ll be 70 just before the race) and a long-time CPotential supporter: “I’ve run twice before for the charity. I want to support this local centre of excellence so it can offer its services to even more children and their families.”

Please show your support for the team now through a donation (just click on their names above) – and help spur them on in their training for the big day.



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