Measuring the Impact of Integrated Therapy

4 May 2022

Therapy team and Heidi Fisher discussing ideas for outcome measures for integrated therapy

We’re absolutely delighted to receive funding from City Bridge Trust to kick start an exciting new outcome measure project at CPotential.

Measuring the impact of our integrated therapy on families’ lives is essential to the future funding and successful development of the charity and services, and more importantly to ensure that children and young people with movement disorders continue to reach their full potential.

Heidi L Fisher MBE imageHeidi L Fisher MBE of Social Impact and Social Enterprise has joined us to get the project wheels in motion and will help us to measure and report on the difference our integrated therapy approach has on children and young people with disabilities, and their families.

Heidi L Fisher said, “It’s really exciting to be involved in this project as CPotential is a fantastic organisation providing vitally needed support to children in a unique, integrated way.  Being able to help them measure their impact will support them to secure more funding to work with more children.”

Heidi will be looking at the combined difference of therapy, rather than the difference being achieved by each specific therapy. For example, where a child receives physiotherapy, music therapy, and conductive education – how do these contribute to improvements for the child and their family in its entirety.

Currently, the project is in its early stages, so presently the team is working on what and how we’ll measure this, and soon we’ll be able to pilot the exercise and ensure the data collection processes work effectively. Next year we’ll be producing the impact report.

Brett Parker, CEO at CPotential said “The ability to measure impact across a wide range of activities is vital for the component of our strategy and forward planning. We are delighted to be working with Heidi who brings a wealth of expertise to this and are extremely grateful to the City Bridge Trust for enabling this important work”.

Pictured below: Heidi Fisher with Orsi Farkas, Clinical Services Manager and Paul Catton, Trust Manager

Team discussing ideas for integrated therapy outcome project

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