Move over Ringo – here comes CPotential’s drummer boy

5 June 2017

Boy drumming with Tom

Boy drumming with Tom

Some nights ace drummer Tom Wiles plays in the houseband at Ronnie Scott’s world famous jazz club in Soho. Some days he plays with cool soul band Fireflies.

But on Wednesdays during term time he’s drumming with Alex, one of the children at Woodstar School.

Tom, 25, is volunteering his skills to teach Alex basic drumming technique, as part of the school’s aim to offer the children as wide an experience as possible.

“Alex has a natural aptitude for the drums,” says Ruth Hunston, our Music Therapist, “and he loves working with Tom. It’s really good for helping with his coordination, listening skills and confidence.”

Tom heard about CPotential through his connection with the Amy’s Yard Music Programme, which supports talented new musicians. Amy’s Yard is run by the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which also funds our Amy Winehouse Music Therapy Programme for pupils in our school and children who regularly attend our Early Intervention and Sessional services.

Tom says: “I love working with Alex. He’s so enthusiastic and keen to learn.”

And Alex, who’s a huge fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, says:

“I have drumming lessons with a nice man called Tom. I’m not bad at all. We’re going to do a concert for my class. I’m going to play the Chili Peppers’ Zephyr song on my own but Tom will help a little bit.”

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