October Half-Term Intensive Therapy Blocks

2 September 2022

Girl walking with Conductor in therapy session

Come and join us for an Intensive Therapy Block between Monday 24th October and Friday 28th October 2022

October half-term will soon be upon us and we’re offering a fun-filled week of intensive therapy at a discounted rate. Choose from any of the following:

Therapy Camp

Children sitting in the Rondo for regulation time at Therapy Camp

Suitable for children over 2.5 years old, with movement disorders, due to conditions such as cerebral palsy, global developmental delay and acquired brain injury.

Our unique Therapy Camp is led by Conductive Education, with a complementary blend of Occupational Therapy providing intensive therapy in a fun, engaging and collaborative way, with many benefits:

  • Activities are tailored to meet each child’s ability, targets, and goals – carefully devised to cover a wide range of skills that children need in their everyday life, such as mobility, hand skills, self-regulation, and sensory and communication skills
  • Skills are practiced in a structured and repeated method – helping children to apply them to their everyday activities such as play, feeding, dressing and practising functional mobility (e.g. walking to participate in a game with their peers)
  • Delivered in small group sessions – allowing for children to participate in challenging but attainable therapy tasks, providing the ideal setting for children to develop their confidence and communication whilst still feeling they are part of a group.

Boy laying on floor with sensory toys with Conductor in Conductive Education sessionTherapy Camp is not a drop-off, parent/carer will be expected to join and participate in each session with their child. Bookings can be made for 3, 4, or 5 mornings, with daily sessions running for 2-3 hours.

  • 5 Days: £425
  • 4 days: £355
  • 3 days: £285

Intensive Therapy Blocks

Come and join us for an intensive therapy block and we’ll apply a 20% discount when 4 or more consecutive days of the same therapy type are booked (*subject to availability).  Choose from:

  • Boy in LiteGait physiotherapy session with Physiotherapist at CPotentialCIMT/Upper Limb Therapy/Bimanual Skills and Functional Hand Skills
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Conductive Education (individual sessions only)
  • DMI (Dynamic Movement Intervention)
  • Physiotherapy (Spider, Galileo, LiteGait, iJoy, Treadmill training, Therasuit, and more)

How to Register

Please complete our form below to register your interest in October half-term therapy.

If you are new to CPotential, please let us know and we’ll send you our pre-assessment form to complete and arrange an initial multidisciplinary assessment so that we can meet you with your child and see how we can help (fee £20).

All appointments take place at CPotential, 143 Coppetts Road, London N10 1JP

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