Our Charity Shop has reopened

12 April 2021

Charity shop window - Crouch End N8

We’re delighted and relieved to announce that our charity shop in Crouch End has now reopened its door as of Monday 12th April.

It is so important for us as a charity to reopen our shop, both in terms of income to support the children and their families who come to us for support, but also in maintaining an essential community hub.

Customers have been dreaming for months of not only walking past the shop but actually entering it. This pandemic has changed customers’ shopping behaviours with many a point-of-sale taking place from the sofa. So, we take pride in being able to return our customers to a point-of-experience and start their retail journey with people-to-people.

​Let’s celebrate the reunion and rebuild a closeness that we’ve all longed for…but from a distance!

Find out more information about our boutique charity shop here.

Happy shopping.

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