Our “lovely visit” to London Zoo

17 May 2018


A giraffe’s tongue can grow as long as 50cm. Just one of the fascinating facts the children from Woodstar School and nursery learnt on their visit to London Zoo yesterday.

They had a great time seeing the animals they’ve been learning about at school – including butterflies, tigers, zebras and gorillas – and ticking them off their checklists.

Kerri Morgan, Woodstar School speech and language therapist, explains:

“Before the trip we gave the children pictures of animals at the zoo. They chose which ones they wanted to see, cut them out and stuck them on to a checklist for the day. On the bus the children also voted to see an interactive talk all about Humboldt penguins.”

The trip was packed full of exciting sights and sounds with lots of opportunities for the children to use their practical Learning for Living skills including using a map of the zoo, meeting the zoo staff, taking turns going to the best viewing posts and taking photos with an iPad.

As well as the wildlife, we came across a tuk tuk – something the children had not seen before but were excited to add to their knowledge of types of transport they’ve been learning about this term.

And the children’s overall response to the day? Their comments included: “I had a lovely visit” and “beautiful” and one of the boys was delighted to have learnt to say “Alpaca” for the first time.

Many thanks to everyone at London Zoo for making us so welcome.


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