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Intensive therapy at CPotential is highly beneficial for children as it offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to their developmental needs. This form of therapy integrates various disciplines such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, allowing for a holistic treatment plan. The focused, repetitive nature of intensive therapy sessions accelerates progress by promoting neuroplasticity and improving functional abilities.

Additionally, the supportive and stimulating environment at CPotential helps children build confidence and achieve milestones more effectively, enhancing their overall quality of life and independence.

Intensive Therapy during School Holidays

At CPotential, we offer plenty of fun and engaging intensive therapy during the school holidays, ranging from the following:

Daniel in the ATLAS Exoskeleton for the first time ever, and in the UK.

Upcoming Intensives during School Holidays

Did you know that we also offer term-time intensives?

All year round, our clinicians design integrated therapy plans to suit a child’s individual needs.

Our sessions are child-focused, and we work with therapists and parent carers to set combined goals so each child reaches their full potential.

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