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We are delighted to have received a grant from National Lottery Awards For All, to offer a limited number of funded wellbeing courses to parents of children or young people with movement disorders. This is fantastic news in a time when we are all seeing and feeling our wellbeing impacted and this funding will enable us to go one step further to support our families.

We will continue in our fundraising efforts to apply for further funding to support these courses and help even more parent carers.

Who will be delivering the Wellbeing Course?

We have partnered with Charlie Lyons, Wellbeing Coach of Connect In, to deliver the wellbeing courses. Charlie has over 20 years’ experience working in Conductive Education & special needs education, providing tailor-made courses and coaching programmes for parents whose well-being has been affected and wishing to grow throughout life and work.

Who is the Wellbeing Course for?

Charlie Lyons Connect In Wellbeing CoachingParents of children and young people with movement disorders who would like support with their wellbeing. If you have noticed your energy has been impacted, maybe you are feeling more reactive and somewhat disconnected, or you may simply be curious to learn more about your wellbeing and develop some useful strategies, then this course is for you. The course will be tailored to your experience and individual needs.

The course will bring some much-needed focused time and support ‘just for you’, to bring you back to yourself, increasing your energy and skills for energy management. Supporting you in developing your self-awareness and learning resourcing strategies that will support you in the future. When you are thriving, so is your child.

How many sessions are included in the Wellbeing Course?

One assessment and six sessions over a three-month period.

The course includes one-to-one sessions and coaching sessions which offer a safe and comfortable opportunity to share, learn and explore. These sessions can be face-to-face and/or virtual.

How to apply for a Wellbeing Course?

Please complete this short form to register your interest in completing a Wellbeing Course



This wellbeing support has been absolutely necessary especially at the right time. Charlie had been awesome and would love to continue as it’s actually worked wonders for me. Thank you Charlie and CPotential I’m sure this wellbeing support has not only helped me as a parent with a disabled child it can be very challenging and this definitely helps to Center and give a different perspective on dealing with all we have to deal with.


Charlie is such a breath of fresh air, she is kind, patient and I have benefited enormously from the time we have spent together. As parents our well-being is always bottom of the list but Charlie provided me with the time, space and encouragement to reflect and take care of my emotional health. Thank you Charlie, I hope this is just the beginning

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