Adam Regester

Since starting with CPotential in March 2023, Adam has already created two brilliant window displays at the shop in Crouch End, and will soon be creating a fun Kings Coronation window, and various other exciting themes as the months’ roll by.

Throughout Adam’s career, he has participated in a number of varied and exciting creative projects both in the UK and abroad. These have included Point of  Sale (P.O.S.) design, interior design, textile design, display design, visual merchandising, trade fairs/exhibition design and display, greeting card design, paint finishes, prop-making, photography, mural painting, fine art, and sculpture.

I’m thrilled to be the new Artistic Director Consultant at CPotential. The team has been very welcoming and I’m excited to be working with such an enthusiastic and dynamic group of dedicated people. I look forward to creating some exciting new window displays at the shop in Crouch End and developing the brand image further. Adam Regester

Adam’s client list is super impressive, working with the following and more…

  • Bally International Ltd (Footwear display)
  • Berkertex Brides (Display consultancy)
  • Caviar House (Display and VM Consultancy)
  • Coloroll (Display)
  • Courtaulds Plc. (Display)
  • Cybercard (Greetings Card Design)
  • The Emmanuelle’s (Display)
  • Fortnum and Masons (Prop-Making)
  • Good Relations (Display Training)
  • H2 Yacht Design (Artwork)
  • Harrods (installation for Sanderson)
  • Hawes and Curtis (Display / Prop making)
  • Hyper Hyper (Display)
  • Jockey Menswear (Display), Linguaphone (Display)
  • Proportion London Ltd., (Prop-Making)
  • Swiss Centre (Display)
  • Turnbull & Asser (Display

Adam’s spare time is full of creativity too, with a love of art, design, interiors, sculpture, photography, e-commerce, cooking, cinema, and travel.

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