Nicole Cash

With over 25 years of experience working in paediatric physiotherapy, Nicole’s passion for brain injury rehabilitation has seen her gain experience in the NHS, the Portland Hospital, and abroad. Currently working at Evelina London Children’s Hospital as the physiotherapy lead for neuro-rehabilitation.

Nicole followed with a physiotherapy qualification in Bristol, a BA in health management in New Hampshire USA, and completed a Masters in Neurological Rehabilitation at Leeds Metropolitan University. She has a keen interest in research and has represented her teams (presented posters) at conferences in Dublin, London, The Hague, and New York.

Growing up with a younger brother with Cerebral Palsy I have first hand experience of the needs of the family and am passionate about the multidisciplinary approach that is offered at CPotential. Delighted to be part of a team that is close to my heart and close to my home.

Outside of work, Nicole loves sports and the outdoors, spending time with her family and her dog!

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