Paula Godfrey

Paula trained at Oxford Brookes University in a BSC in Occupational Therapy (OT). She is a member of the Royal College of OTs, including being a committee member on the specialist section of Children, Young People and Families (CYPF) for London. She is also fully registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Paula has completed several post-graduate training courses and likes to draw on a range of strategies to engage and support children with motor disorders – trying to find the right integrative approach for the child and family.

Her post-graduate training includes:

  • Sensory Integration practitioner with the Sensory Integration network
  • Further integrative and specialist training in sensory integration, e.g., sensory attachment intervention to support families with the impact of trauma (including the impact of medical trauma) and training in Infant Sense Integration to children under two in key areas of sleep, feeding, relationships and play.

Other training related to children’s everyday activities such as the sequential oral sensory approach (SOS) in assessing and treating children with feeding difficulties including children with restricted diets and upper limb skills including being trained in CIMT and bimanual skills for children with motor disorders.

As an OT, Paula feels passionate about supporting children’s participation in activities and routines that they need and want to do to enjoy life, like feeding, learning at school and playing with peers.  She loves working as part of the multi-disciplinary team at CPotential where the therapists work together and share ideas from all of our different perspectives to support the children and families. Working with our children at CPotential keeps Paula creative and motivated, and always learning.  The children and families keep Paula coming back to work!

In my spare time I drag myself to the gym! In pre-covid times I loved to travel and explore new places in the UK and abroad. I also love my two cats!

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