Purim, princes, princesses – and a new partnership

7 March 2018

A huge thanks to Rabbi David Mason from our local synagogue,  Muswell Hill Synagogue, who braved the snow last week to give our school and nursery pupils a wonderful taste of the Jewish festival Purim for the very first time.

The children thoroughly enjoyed hearing the story of Esther sung in Hebrew, dressing up as kings, queens, princes and princesses and making lots of noise (as is the tradition) when the name of the villain in the story was mentioned. Then they gave ‘mishloach manot’  (festive gifts of chocolates and biscuits) they’d made to their teachers and friends. The activity also tied in with our celebration of World Book Day.

Finn Emmerson, Head of Woodstar School,  said:

“We’ve started incorporating a cultural calendar as part of our fun and innovative ‘Learning for Living’ active education curriculum. We’re giving the children opportunities to learn about different religions, cultures and their main festivals. Judaism is one of them. We’re looking forward to building our links with the Jewish community and we’re delighted the ‘Jewish News’ newspaper has become our Jewish Cultural Experience Partner.”

Richard Ferrer, Jewish News Editor, said:

“We are very pleased to develop our relationship with CPotential and Woodstar School. By becoming their Jewish Cultural Experience Partner, we can help raise awareness of the great work they do to help disabled children of all faiths gain confidence, vital life skills and independence.”

Finn added:  “Coming soon, we’ll also be marking other special days like Mothers’ Day, Easter and St George’s Day, to name but a few.”


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