Fantastic not plastic

4 July 2018

Boy with poster saying Start Recycling

Children learning about recycling with recycling bags

This term the children at Woodstar School have been learning about recycling and doing their bit in the national campaign to reduce plastic rubbish.

Finn Emmerson, Head of Woodstar School, explains why: “Recycling is an important issue in the world and, as we’ve all been made aware recently with the problem with single-use plastic items, we wanted to do our bit.”

After watching a video together about plastic pollution in the oceans the children said they wanted to help save the animals and do something to help the community. They’re already recycling things like lunchtime waste but they learned from the video that they could also reduce the amount of plastic they use themselves.

So the class decided to make ‘bags for life’ for their shopping trips, which they decorated with eco-friendly messages.

They also learnt that recycling means turning rubbish into something new, so they made bird feeders for the school garden out of old juice cartons.  And went, suitably covered up, to our local park to do a spot of litter removal.

Finn says: “This type of Learning for Living project supports each of our pupils’ all-round development – their learning and thinking skills, communication, fine motor movements, being active and involved in the community – and, most importantly, developing as confident members of society while having lots of fun.”


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