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We are pleased to announce a partnership with the team at Mind in Haringey to offer families counselling sessions.

The Counselling Service at Mind in Haringey works with individuals to support challenges and obstacles that they are facing which can be connected to a range of issues.  For parents and family members who are involved with the care taking and/or parenting of a child or children with disabilities, the counselling provided can help to explore, engage with and soothe an array of emotions arising from the pressures of your role.

They have a variety of counsellors who work across a range of modalities to suit the clients they work with. Time is taken to match clients to the most suitable counsellor based on the outcome of both the referral into the service and a subsequent assessment appointment.

How can Counselling help?

This service is available to anyone seeking an opportunity to talk about problems or difficulties that they are experiencing in their lives. People seek counselling for a variety of reasons such as, but not limited to;

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • panic
  • exploring relationships with others
  • bereavement and significant loss
  • past experiences that may be affecting you in the present
  • isolation or loneliness
  • sense of hopelessness
  • loss of purpose or direction, and not achieving potential.

How do I book a Counselling Session?


Or, for further information and enquiries, please visit

How much is a Counselling Session?

  • From £10 to £35 per session during the daytime. Please note that these sessions are costed on a sliding scale, and proof of income will be required
  • £40 per session during the evening or on a Saturday

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